SCORE has been mentoring new and existing businesses for over 40 years and has a network of over 13,000 volunteers who donate their time to help entrepreneurs.

As highly successful and experienced business professionals and entrepreneurs, SCORE mentors deliver valuable, timely, and practical up or an existing business, our mentors will help you and your business open new markets, reach new customers, and achieve new goals.    


Free Counseling

We have experienced business people on our staff of counselors, and they are available to assist you at no charge.

The individual counseling sessions permit you to meet with one of our experienced counselors and have a private one-on-one discussion to discuss your individual situation. Your plans and questions are discussed and reviewed during these confidential meetings. There is no charge for these sessions which are held at either the SCORE office in Pottstown or one of our two satellite locations. The initial meeting typically lasts one to two hours.   Our counselors: 

Ralph Agresta --  experience in Electrical Engineering, Construction, and Computers; counsels in financial services

Tom Carroll -- experience in Construction Management and Nonprofit Management; counsels in business planning, grant writing, nonprofits, fund raising, photography, graphic design, and construction management

Scott Cass -- experience in IT, Finance, and Marketing Management; counsels in sales, marketing, business operations, public speaking, and speech coaching

Ralph Clemmer --- experience in Insurance, Data Processing, Finance, and Internet Services; counsels in business planning, insurance, finance, and internet services 

John Foster --  experience in Chemical Engineering,Toastmasters International, and ASTM; counsels in business planning,human resources and business operations

Robert Fries -- experience in Banking and Finance; counsels in business planning, finance, accounting, marketing, and public relations

Lori Hallman --  experience in Compliance, Paralegal, Business Management, and Wellness; counsels in business planning, business strategy, organization, time, and stress management, and mission statements

William Harrison -- experience in Automotive Parts, Business Owner, Advertising, Marketing, and Wellness; counsels in business planning, automotive industry, and marketing

Hanna Hartman -- experience in Banking, Finance, Insurance, and Human Relations; counsels in business planning, finance, accounting, business strategy, sales, and marketing

Donald Havas --  experience in Engineering, Electronics, and Project Management; counsels in business planning, business strategy, planning. manufacturing, and product development

Richard Heylmun -- experience in Teaching, Business Ownership, Insurance, Sporting Goods; counseling in finance, banking, sales, marketing, import/export, retail and wholesale trade

Jeff Kofsky --   experience in Business Strategy, Planning, Consulting, Internet Technology, Human Resources; counseling in business planning, sales, marketing, and communications 

William Krebs --  experience in Design and Facility Analysis; counseling in business management

Carl Landis -- experience in Mathematics, Engineering, and Financial Planning; counseling in business planning, banking, finance, accounting, and business operations

Sylvia Landis -- experience in Teaching and Communications

Peter MacFarland --  experience as Business Operations, Strategy, & Planning, Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, Product Development, and Supply Chain Management; counseling in business planning, leadership, marketing, and mentoring

David Megay --  experience as Attorney; counsels in legal services and business strategy

Bill Morris - experience in Sales, Marketing, and Sales Management; counseling in business planning, sales, and marketing

Robert Moses --  experience in Banking, Finance, and Insurance; counsels in business planning, banking services, and business operations

Clare Moyer -- experience in Automobile industry; counsels in business planning, automobile industry, sales, and marketing

Deborah Penrod - experience in legal support to Business Operations, Strategy & Planning, Government Regulations, Legal Services, Sales, Marketing, and Public Relations; counsels in marketing, community relations, and general business operations 

John Prutzman -- experience in Marketing, Sales, Advertising, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, and Education Services; counseling in business planning, business strategy, business operations, human resources, communications, and supply chain management 

Vince Raffeo -- experience in Banking, Financial Services, Real Estate, Construction and Restaurants; counsels in business planning, banking, finance, real estate, and restaurants

Scott Rakowski -- experience in Accounting, Taxes, Certified Public Accountant; counsels in business planning, accounting, and taxes

James  Reitz --  experience in Construction, Marketing, and Industrial Engineering; counsels in business planning, business operations, sales, and marketing

Kenneth Richardson --  experience in Organizational Behavior and Industrial Engineering; counsels in industrial engineering, construction, market research, business consulting, and executive coaching

Peter Schaeffer -- experience in Business Strategy & Planning, Technology, and IT Services; counsels in manufacturing 

Jerry Stevick-- experience in Manufacturing, Consulting, Business Services, and Continuous Improvement; counsels in business planning, business strategy, manufacturing, product development, and supply chain management

Carolyn Wiker--  experience in Education and Library Management; counsels in library services and information services


Convenient Counseling Locations

We offer counseling in Pottstown and limited counseling is also available in the Pennsburg area.

Counseling sessions for weekday mornings between 10:00 am and noon can be set up at the main Pottstown SCORE office on the first floor of the New York Plaza building, 244 High Street, Pottstown. Other times may be possible depending upon counselor availability.

One counselor offers counseling in the Pennsburg area during normal business hours subject to availability.

Now it's up to you to make your move! Call 610-327-2673 any business day 10 AM - Noon and make an appointment for your FREE and COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL counseling. 


Assistance Writing Business Plans 

Most successful businesses have a well-developed, forward focused business plan. For most budding entrepreneurs, developing the business plan is usually the most difficult job to tackle. At SCORE Pottstown we are prepared to help you develop a comprehensive business plan. We have some special work tools that will help simplify the process.

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